The Grand Council of the Crees

Statement By Grand Chief Dr. Abel Bosum To The Standing Senate Committee On Aboriginal Peoples On Bill C-70, Cree Nation Of Eeyou Istchee Governance Agreement Act

Posted: 2018-03-27

"This year marks the 350th anniversary of the arrival of Europeans in Eeyou Istchee. But, by the time they arrived, we had already been there, as self-governing Indigenous nations, for thousands of years.

So Cree self-government is not starting today with the Cree Nation Governance Agreement, its companion, the Cree Constitution and Bill C-70, their implementing legislation, important though they are.

Then what is their significance for us today? They are of critical importance, for two reasons. First, they build on the James Bay and Northern Quebec Agreement by bringing Cree Nation governance home to us, the Cree, where it belongs. Second, in doing so, they advance reconciliation between the Cree Nation and the Government of Canada."