The Grand Council of the Crees

Resolution to Congratulate Mr. Romeo Saganash on his Win in the 2011 Federal Election!

Posted: 2011-05-03

On, May 2, 20011 the people of northern Quebec elected Romeo Saganash of the New Democratic Party to represent them in the Parliament of Canada . The Abitibi-James Bay-Nunavik-Eeyou electoral district is an area that is fully half of the land mass or Quebec and is the major focus of plans for future resource development.

In the election yesterday he got 13,966 votes or 45% of the votes cast, the second runner-up, the Conservative party candidate, got 23% of the vote.

Mr. Saganash formerly worked as the liaison with the Government of Quebec for the Grand Council of the Crees and earlier in his career was Deputy Grand Chief of the Council and representative to the international community. He is fluent in Cree, French and English and has a vast knowledge of his riding. He is a popular personality in Quebec and is a favourite among Francophone, Anglophone and Aboriginal communities.

Grand Chief Matthew CoonCome stated: "Romeo Saganash has been a valuable asset to the Cree community for many years and we can now expect that he will benefit all of the communities making up his riding. He is a perceptive and diligent worker and with his background in law, able to seize the benefits and consequences of proposals that are made to the community. While we will miss his constant presence among us, I know that he will do a good job for all of the people of Northern Quebec."