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Ceremony Celebrating the Minting of the Tim Whiskeychan Five-Dollar Coin

Comments by Brian Craik, Grand Council of the Crees

5 dollar Canadian Coin Featuring the work of Artist Timothy  Whiskeychan

Timothy Whiskeychan comes from a long line of artists from Waskaganish and from an even longer line of artists from all of the Cree communities.  Among them, John Blueboy the creator of the artisanal tamarack goose. 

There is no teacher better than life on the land.  Tim’s works reveal a feeling for this way of life. 


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Cree youth walk from Mistissini to Montreal to oppose uranium development on their territory

MISTISSINI, EEYOU ISTCHEE (Quebec), November 23, 2014 – The Cree Nation Youth Council today launches the StandAgainstUranium solidarity march, to send a strong message to the Quebec government, that the Cree Nation opposes uranium development on their land, Eeyou Istchee. The march will also provide an opportunity for Quebeckers from across the province to show their support for the Crees’ stand.

Cree youth walk from Mistissini to Montreal to oppose uranium development


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The Cree Nation reaffirms their opposition to uranium development on their land

(MISTISSINI, EEYOU ISTCHEE (Quebec), November 14, 2014 – The final phase of the hearings of the Bureau d’audiences publiques sur l’environnement (BAPE) on the uranium industry in Quebec opened this week in Eeyou Istchee, the territory of the James Bay Cree Nation. During hearings in Chisasibi and Mistissini, Cree community members and Cree leaders from across the territory relayed once again their united stand against uranium development.

“After following the first two phases of the BAPE process, the Cree Nation is convinced, now more than ever, of the significant long-term risks that uranium development would bring to our land,” stated Grand Chief Dr. Matthew Coon Come. “We are not prepared to impose such burdens on our future generations.”


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Crees Share Vision of Land Stewardship and Conservation at World Parks Congress in Sydney Australia

(Sydney, Australia, November 14, 2014)  Rodney Mark, Deputy Grand Chief for the Cree Nation presented his Government’s vision for land stewardship and conservation in Eeyou Istchee (Crees’ traditional territory in northern Québec) to a worldwide audience at the International Union for Conservation (IUCN) World Parks Congress.


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Nemaska (Québec), November 7, 2014 – The Grand Council of the Crees (Eeyou Istchee), the Cree Nation Government, the Cree Nation of Nemaska and Nemaska Lithium Inc. announce that they have entered into the Chinuchi Agreement on November 7, 2014 regarding the development and operation of Nemaska Lithium’s project in Eeyou Istchee, a lithium open-pit mine in the traditional territory of the Cree Nation of Nemaska.


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James Bay Crees launch the People's Board at

The James Bay Cree Nation has today launched the People’s Board, the latest addition to its website and social media campaign #StandAgainstUranium. The People’s Board is an online platform where Crees and the broader public can share their opinions, post photos and videos, and demonstrate their support for the Cree Nation’s stand against uranium.


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Welcome, Wachiya

Welcome to the Grand Council of the Crees (Eeyou Istchee) Web site, where we share with the world our vision for our nation. Here we explain to interested observers our culture, values, problems and hopes and describe our many political, cultural, social, economic and spiritual activities. In addition we offer readers links to major stories of aboriginal interest in other parts of Canada and around the world.

James Bay Cree Against Uranium

CRA Annual Report 2013-2014

CRA Annual Report 2013-2014

The Journey of Nishiyuu

Watch the full video

Nishiyuu Walk from Whapmagoostui to Ottawa

A group of young men came together within the community of Whapmagoostui, on the east coast of Hudson Bay, to embark on a difficult journey.

They joined together in solidarity with other First Nations in Canada to express to the world their resolve to make a difference in support of better conditions for Aboriginal people in Canada and globally. They came together to promote protection of the environment and stewardship of the land for future generations of all descent, all around the world.

The young men were inspired by David Kawapit to walk a great distance across foreign terrain, facing extreme weather conditions along the way. They started from Whapmagoostui and walked 1,700 kilometers to Canada's National Capital of Ottawa. The group set out as just seven walkers and arrived in Ottawa weeks later with over 4,000 people who joined in support of their cause.

The Nishiyuu Walkers, through their heroics and leadership, inspired many Canadians from all walks of life to come together and express their solidarity, intent on creating a better future.

Episode 3: We Rise Up!

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Episode 2: Delivering the Promise

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Episode 1: Together We Stand Firm

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The Cree Nation Governance Working Group

Cree Vision of Plan Nord

"The Cree of Eeyou Istchee welcome the opportunity to provide our perspective on the Plan Nord. The Cree welcome responsible, sustainable development of our traditional lands, Eeyou Istchee. We want to be real partners in the development of our territory's vast potential. At the outset, one should recall certain key principles." - Grand Chief Dr. Matthew Coon Come